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Preparation against natural disaster to protect your important facilities.

  On March 11, 2011, historically big earthquake hit Tohoku of Japan and it caused huge damage on distribution bases such as ports, refineries, oil storages etc., which made lots of difficulties on peoples and hinder reconstruction activities afterward.
  Large number of NIIGATA Loading arms were also seriously damaged and we took maximum and the best effort to recover these damaged our products.
  Standing on these experiences and on the fact that such big earthquake may come in the future, NIIGATA recommends several equipment as option to protect Loading arm or minimize damage on them.
  NIIGATA is always ready to consult and study with client upon discussion on these options to be applied on existing our Loading arms.

1.Emergency Release System (ERS)

  In case of loading/unloading work in performer when earthquake comes, it is very important to disconnect loading arms from tanker and let the tanker to the offing immediately. At the moment, from a standpoint of giving first priority to protect human life, it is required non complicated operations and quickly emergency release with simple operation, and operators can escape from the site.
  In this case, ERS works in the short times with hydraulic power operated by the signal from the loading arm control panel.

2.Accumulator for ERS

  In case of blackout, ERS cannot be operated by hydraulic oil pump driven by electric motor.
  NIIGATA is preparing the accumulator to capable of emergency release with reserved the pressurized N2 gas to generate hydraulic power which doesn’t need hydraulic oil pump.

3.Seismic-resistant Design and Modification of Loading Arms

  To avoid collapse or damage of loading arms by big earthquake, NLS provides seismic-resistant design for existing equipment and identify weak areas which need reinforcement.
  And we can carry out the modification work in our factory at the timing of regular overhaul.

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