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Options for Marine Loading Arm

Features of QCDC

  • (1) As an integral part of the loading arm, the hydraulic quick connector (QCDC) provide easy positioning and quick connection to ship's manifold by hydraulic power in a manner of seconds.
  • (2) The connector is driven by the same hydraulic supply that operates the TEN marine arm and can be controlled from a dock-side control station or remote control.
  • (3) This system have been used for many arms for large size vessel and contribute to time and manpower saving.
  • (4)TEN have also developed our own make H-QCDC for cryogenic service and realized improvement in reliability and cost down.

TEN is one of the few loading arm manufacture who has own make H-QCDC and ERS unit and well capable to design, manufacture and provide after-sales service consistently.

Quick Connector (QCDC)
Introduction of Quick Connector (QCDC).

(1) Safety:
Since connection will be done by remote control, risk for injuring at the connection flange even under swelling condition. Also, the operator can stay away from the hazardous cargo such as cryogenic liquid or high temperature liquid.
(2) Time Saving:
H-QCDC permit substantial time saving compare to ordinary bolting flange connection. For cryogenic service, NLS H-QCDC can break away even under built up ice condition after loading operation.
(3) Man-Power Saving:
With combination use of remote control (radio or wired), flanging/unflanging operation can be done by single operator. The flanging guide system ease the alignment even under rolling condition.
(4) Reliable Seal:
The clamp will grasp and evenly tighten the manifold flange that will ensure reliable seal and avoid concentration of stress in a certain part.

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