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Options for Marine Loading Arm

Position Monitoring System (PMS)


  • (1) To carry out the loading/unloading of products safety, PMS can continuously monitor the condition and location of the tanker which is connecting with loading/unloading arm.
  • (2) As the PMS visually display the position and drifting speed of the tanker, operator of the tanker can adjust the taker in the right position quickly.

Outline of the System

Angle sensors attached on the Loading arm can detect the position of the top loading arm, position of tanker, its drifting speed, allowable moving range of loading arms.
These signals detected by angle sensors are transmitted to personal computer, through CPU of PMS in the control panel, which is set in the Jetty control room or central control room.
The personal computer of PMS graphically show the posture of whole loading arm, condition of tanker such as position, drifting speed etc. at any time.

(1) Condition of loading arms (in operation, on loading etc.) and condition of tanker (mooring position, drifting speed etc.) and other important information can be graphically displayed in the personal computer.
Operator can find all such information easily at any time.
(2) Various data necessary for safety operation detected by angle sensor can show the condition of loading arm at any time and associated alarming systems can notify the emergency situation.
(3) All data can be stored in the PMS and these data can be referred for analyzing for any purpose.
(1) Voice alarming system
(2) Straight moving of loading top operation system
(3) Automatic loading arms operation system

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