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Tank / Rail Truck Loading Arm

NLS tank/rail loading arms features safe and time saving loading operation with long life time.

Open Top Loading Arm
Open top loading method is the means of loading product from top side hatch of tank lorry/tank car. It is used for most of petroleum services.

1). TSLA (Torsion Spring Loading Arm)

TSLA's are generally adapted to open dome loading of petroleum products and chemicals. TSLA's fixture the exclusive Niigata Torsion Spring which provides balance through a wide range for smooth, shock-free operation, less wear onparts and complete operator control. Available with a variety of packing compounds and arm configurations.

2). VRA (Vapor Recovery Arm)

VRA is a compact, one-piece arm assembly to recover air-gas mixture while loading products. Equipped with an air cylinder, arm operation and sealing the dome are completely accomplished.

Closed Top/Bottom Loading Arm
This type of loading arm is particularly suitable for closed system loading products such as LPG, anhydrous ammonia, and cryogenic product.

Closed top method is loading product from top of tank lorry/tank car, and closed bottom method is loading from bottom of tank lorry/tank car.

1). SBLA (Spring Balanced Loading Arm)

SBLA's feature self-compensation springs which are totally contained in heavy gauge steel housing. No projection pieces or counterweights; cat-walks behind arms are free and clear. Available with a variety of packings for nearly all commercial chemicals.

2). CBLA (Counter Balanced Loading Arm)

CBLA's provide complete counter-balance of arm assemblies in all positions when the counterweights are adjusted completely. This model is normally recommended for handling high temperature, low temperature products, large size arm assemblies, and an particular requirements to design in this model.

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