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Privacy Policy

Please read the following policy before using this Web site.

To properly protect our customers' privacy, Tokyo Boeki Engineering, LTD. manages customer personal data using appropriate procedures. Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect, how that information is used and the standards we use for administering the information on this Web site.

Collection and use of personal information
Tokyo Boeki Engineering, LTD. uses this site to collect and use personal information on its customers, such as name and e-mail address, when customers contact us with an inquiry by e-mail. This information is used only for the following purposes.
Purposes for which Tokyo Boeki Engineering, LTD. using personal information
  • We use the personal information provided from our customers through this Web site to
  • ・Respond to customers' inquiries
  • ・Send materials and other information requested by customers
  • ・Improve our Web site
  • Tokyo Boeki Engineering, LTD. never uses personal data for any other purposes.
Control and management of personal information
Tokyo Boeki Engineering, LTD. observes all applicable national laws and regulations concerning personal information obtained through this Web site, and manages such personal information by using appropriate procedures that provide strict attention to controls.
Disclosure and provision of personal information
  • Tokyo Boeki Engineering, LTD. will not disclose or provide the personal information collected in the course of business activities through this Web site to any third party without prior consent, except in the following special circumstances.
  • ・When disclosure is requested from a public institution such as government and municipal offices based on authority provided by law
  • ・When it becomes necessary in order to conduct business activities in collaboration with group companies and other cooperating firms
  • In such instance, we will request the group companies and other cooperating firms to also exercise appropriate controls over such information in the same manner as Tokyo Boeki Engineering, LTD.
This Web site includes links to outside sites. Tokyo Boeki Engineering, LTD. assumes no responsibility for personal information protection at these linked sites or for the content of such sites.
Response to requests for personal information
When action such as verification or correction of the personal information provided to Tokyo Boeki Engineering, LTD. is requested by a customer, we will respond within a reasonable scope through the Customer Inquiry Desk.