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Message from the President


Dear our valuable customers,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Tokyo Boeki Engineering Ltd website.

Having been involved in loading arm business over four decades, I am pleased and proud of the contribution to stable supply chain in oil & gas industry through business carrier with our company.
I also feel great pleasure of engaging continuously in this field.

In April 2015,we had changed our company name from “Niigata Loading Systems(NLS)” to “Tokyo Boeki Engineering(TEN)”.
The reason for this change is aiming at further contribution to society as a member of Tokyo Boeki Group.

Our company’s history goes back to the 1959.
In this year, Tokyo Boeki Ltd(currently Tokyo Boeki Holdings Ltd(TBH)) had formed a technical tie-up with Chiksan corp of USA(currently FMC Technology Inc.).

In February 2003,we succeeded loading arms and Chiksan swivel joints business from Niigata Engineering.
And then we have increased competitiveness. Our business grow up with Oil & gas market.

We aim for top of the world in loading arm business for the contribution to stable supply chain in Oil & Gas industry,
so we are working on the building flexible constitution for next generation energy.

We wish we can walk together with our customers, and are grateful for their continuous support and encouragement.

Hiroshi Imai